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You can register domains through us in the majority of TLD and Sub-TLD zones. Prices for common domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .co,, .li, .me, .tv and .us are listed and can be purchased online. Other domain extensions are available via our support specialists. Please search your desired extension, then call us to register the domain on your behalf if it shows as available, but hosting only. Our number is +1.516-256-3282. To search a for specific domain name, type the EXACT domain name (eg: Here is a list of our registry affiliations: .ac,,, .ag,, .asia,, .at, .be, .biz,, .bz, .ca, .cc, .ch, .cn,, .co,,,,,,,,,,,,, .com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .cx, .de,, .dm, ,es, .eu,, .fm, .fr,,,,, .gg,, .gy, .hn,,,, .im, .in, .info, .io, .it, .je, .jp,,,,, .la, .lc, .li,, .lv,, .me,, ,mn, .mobi, .mu, .mx, .name, .net,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .nl,,,,, .nu,, .org,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .pl,, .pm, .pro, .pw, .qa,, .re, .ru,,, .sc,, .se,,, .sh, .so, .sx, .tel, .tf, .tk, .tv, .tw,,, .us,,, .vc,, .wf, .ws, .xxx, .yt, - Note that some of these extensions cannot be searched as they do not all have whois servers. We can check the availability for you on request.

Note: We will contact you for the hosting location once your order is placed (if you have chosen to host your website with us). Our website hosting footprint covers North America, Europe and Australia.

To search common domain TLDs shown below, just enter the first part of the domain you want (eg: *mydomain*. We will find all matches and offer you some suggestions as well. Just select the box next to *suggest domain names*.

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